WCC: The idea of establishment of Women Community Centre came into being back in 2010 on the occasion when American Senator visited Jalozai Camp where the families from Bajaur and Mohmand took refuge as a result of military operation back in their area of origin. During his visit he went to meet the IDPs in their tents, it was a day of hot summer where in his stay in a tent he realized the sufferings these families are going through. Mr. Saif ur Rehman Durrani Project Manager in Community Services project of CERD, an implementing partner of UNHCR, facilitating the visit expressed that it is of course an unbearable situation for these families to live in these tents with the mercury so high but still men do have the luxury to go outside to have a relived time, sadly the women don’t enjoy any such opportunity. They have to stay 24*7 in such an awful situation.

The thought, thankfully, proved to be worth considering and UNHCR was kind enough to let CERD establish 02 WCC where females were thought basic literacy and vocational skills (embroidery, sewing, souvenirs, bangles making and other handicrafts), under the supervision of WCC facilitator. Social Organizer for WCC provides sessions on counseling, basic women health/ general health hygiene. With the passage of time the number of WCC increased to 20 where the women of Bajaur, Mohmand and Khyber got facilitated in extending handicraft skill enhancement trainings. The journey didn’t stopped here, in 2012-13 establishment of WCC expanded to Togh Sarai camp Hangu and New Durrani Camp Kurram Agency hosting IDPs from Orakzai and Kurram respectively. Handicrafts skill enhancement trainings extended to 1200 women so far.

Besides achieving the desired outputs, these centres helped us digging out concerns and issues relating to women in its very spirit and essence which otherwise would be difficult to find out and portrayed, it includes separated women, issues faced by Female Headed Households, the need of psycho social support etc. The reason of us being able to do so was the close interaction of our female colleagues with PoC.

CERD on regular basis holds handicraft skill exhibitions to appreciate the work of these strong women, so for 17 exhibitions held. These exhibitions are arranged to generate some money for the IDPs women by introducing their products to the potential buyers and local market.

Latest:    “Success Story” CERD WCC  DEVELOPMENT_ THE ART OF SURVIVAL – Newspaper – DAWN

In IDPs history CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT (CERD) has a unique role and style for women care and support,in the past few years CERD has developed many innovative activities for women protection, economic empowerment and safeguarding their rights especially in IDP scenario. These activities also laid a platform for women development in FATA.

It is worth mentioning here that the Idea of women community Centres (WCC) played a vital role in this regards.

It is not only a skill center but it  provides a sigh of relief, a corner for sharing their miseries, clinics for psycho social support and skill center for enhancing their hidden skill capabilities.

In IDP camps women were in abundance and it was a blessing in disguise as CERD utilized the opportunity and starts interaction with them in different filed for bringing a positive change in the deprived segment of the society.

DAWN a leading newspaper on 18th June 2017 published a special report THE ART OF SURVIVAL praising CERD achievements on women economic empowerment.

Below is link of the report published in DAWN newspaper.